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We'll sit down with you, understand your vision and product, and map out the technical details of it. We'll build the entire web app according to your specifications, and deliver a state-of-the-art user experience with a robust and secure back-end and a cost-efficient hosting setup.

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Our team can deliver a high-quality, comprehensive solution that integrates with your existing internal or external systems. We are happy to work with you on-site or remotely, and are experts in financial services and data driven applications, as well as consumer oriented applications.

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About us

Our team has built multiple data-driven production web applications over the years, and we have been around since 2011. We are experienced with everything from gathering and structuring large amounts of data, to building complex systems such as e-commerce systems and financial systems around them. We can also help you with projects of smaller scope, such as design work and general startup advice.

We always strive to deliver best-in-class customer service, and genuinely enjoy doing what we do!


Erik Linde

Technical Co-founder and Project Manager

Erik has over 17 years of programming experience, and has been focused on digital innovation since 2011. Erik thrives in creating state-of-the art solutions to complex problems and can ably handle all aspects of the development process, from initial consultations and solution proposals to the actual implementation.

Per Linde

Designer Co-founder

Per has studied industrial design and architecture, and has worked in New York, London and Sweden. Per has been part of teams that have designed several high-profile commercial and residential structures all over the world, and he excels in translating his real-world design expertise into the digital domain.

Design philosophy

We believe in starting off with as lean a design proposal as possible, and then carefully adding just the right amount of UI / UX elements so that the user experience doesn't get cluttered. Every design element must always exist for a reason. Our end products are easy to use, understand and navigate, and we excel in areas such as flat design and responsive layouts.

Development philosophy

We prefer to keep our codebase as lean possible, and put great effort into the long-term viability of your code base. Our code is clean, easy to understand and well documented.

We typically deploy your application to a server that has been set up specifically to the requirements of your app, which ensures the long-term viability of your product.

We will support your application for as long as you need us to, should you need modifications down the road.

Technology stack

If you are not technically inclined, you may wish to skip over the following part. We are always happy to educate you so that you have a good understanding about the components we use in our development, and why we use them, should you want to. Otherwise, read on!


If your web application is large in nature, we prefer building it in Ruby on Rails, still the most widely used development framework of today. For smaller applications, such as a lightweight API, we are also happy to build it using Python's Flask or a framework of your choice. Regardless of whether your website is a full-fledged web application, or simply a collection of static web pages, we use state-of-the art technologies such as SASS and responsive web design to ensure you always receive solid, well documented and easily maintainable code back from us that work on almost any device.

On the data side, we have a lot of experience in setting up and working with your data, so that it is kept clean and is easy to maintain and use. We have worked extensively with both MySQL and PostgreSQL, and are also capable of storing your data in document oriented or key / value based storage systems such as MongoDB and Redis. We are happy to discuss all available technical options with you, or we can simply make a recommendation as for what we think the best choice is.

As for deployment, we will work with you if you wish to host your application on a server of your own, or we will recommend and set up a cost-efficient, stable and secure hosting from cloud providers such as EC2 or Digital Ocean. We are experienced in setting up production systems from scratch using both Linux and FreeBSD. We will also install the appropriate security certificates on your server, so that your code can run in a secure fashion.

The applications we build will work on any device you desire, including web, Android and iPhone.

A selection of our projects


Beautiful sheet music synced to real recordings

Pen and Paper Coding

The website for an introductory programming course in NYC

Combo Competitions

An architectural competitions site

P-piller till katt

A Swedish e-commerce site for animal health products

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